MTP acquires auriferous ore of different mining producers, to medium or small miners who have regular productions and with many years of operation, as well as also to handcrafted miners who produce ore seasonally.

Traditionally the minerals have come from areas inside the auriferous belt Nasca-Ocoña, in the departments of Arequipa, Ica, Ayacucho, and Huancavelica. Also there exists a regular flow of mineral that comes from Puno's department, particularly of the zones of Juliaca, Ananea and Untuca. In the last years it has increased substantially the productions of new areas in the north of Peru, between which we can emphasize Barranca, Chimbote, Trujillo and Sullana.

The MTP purchase policy is orientated to establish relations with mining producers in that both parts turn out to be satisfied. MTP seeks to establish deals in long term, that allow develop lasting and mutually productive relations. In this respect, MTP supports permanently the producers in a series of the activity aspects, promoting the good mining practices at the level of these operations, observing the mining legislation and respecting the private property.

MTP principal Commercial Office is located in Chala, in the facilities of the Belen Plant, where is equipped with modern and precise equipments, machineries and systems for the receipt, weighing, sampling, analysis and minerals payoff. MTP policy is to be the most efficient, just and rapid in the purchase process. Equally the Belen Plant is equipped with installations to receive the producers while the purchase process lasts and all the possible facilities are offered to them to improve and to channel their activities.

To cover the diverse areas of production, MTP also possesses Commercial Offices in Nasca (Ica) and Pedregal (Arequipa). Additional MTP relies on a qualified team who stockpile ores, they constantly visit the mining suppliers, offering to them a permanent support.

Typically the terms and conditions in which MTP purchases auriferous ores include that the ore quality does not have more than 1 % of copper and a fine content of not less of 0.20 ounce Au. The weighing and sampling are realized in agreement by the methods and usual procedure. Normally the payable recoveries fluctuate between 85 % for sulphurs and 90 % for oxides. The international price of the gold is London Gold Fix Second (PM) and there are applied scales of treatment charge of agreement by the ore fine content, the same ones that fluctuate in agreement with the market conditions and the international prices variation.