Minera Titán del Perú SRL (MTP) was founded on January 3, 2000 in Lima, Peru. The company is organized as a commercial society of limited responsibility, in accordance with the Peruvian legislation. MTP is registered in settling 01, of file 41240, of Contractual Societies and Other Legal Persons Book of the Public Registration Office of Mining Industry.

The experiences and ideas association of founder members have resulted in the correct combination to create a mining company directed at development of metallic and not metallic products, designed to industrial uses. FGB L.L.C. International is the holding company, located in Delaware State of The United States of America.

MTP devotes itself to develop activities of the mining industry, especially to the prospecting, exploration, exploitation, benefit and commercialization of mining products. MTP concentrates activities in metals that could serve to develop or to optimize industrial, chemical or pharmaceutical applications.

In the last years MTP has studied numerous mining properties in Peru, looking for strategic metals, precious metals and basic metals. MTP has a cyanide Plant for the processing of auriferous minerals, located closely of Chala City, Arequipa. Equally the company is holder of some mining prospectuses or has celebrated agreements with regard to other mining projects of basic metals, iron and titanium; shortly MTP is going to initiate the development of mining labors for the exploitation of auriferous mineral. MTP's operations are centralized in the south area of Peru.